About Omega

Create anything, Change everything.

Omega is an open platform that combines a social metaverse with an operating system in a virtual reality sandbox. We can now simulate any real world experience AND use all existing computer technology, seamlessly blending the two worlds. A platform capable of simulating reality, and beyond.

With this unique development platform, Omega supports an entire spectrum of business applications, computer aided design, data and concept visualization, educational experiences, art of all mediums, and incredibly interactive games.

For the first time, programs and data can take physical form, responding visually and physically in ways that our minds and bodies are used to. Apps become tools that you hold and use with your hands. Omega is the final step in graphical user interfaces: the computing environment is an entire world and the input method is your own body. Edit your reality and craft the experience that you want to have.


Make virtual artwork.

Build whatever objects you want using your hands, seeing your work in full scale, editing it in real time. Give them life with a visual programming system that requires no compiling or writing of code. A dynamic, naturally intuitive system--modeled on the physical world--enables users to quickly and easily create objects, tools, applications, and entire worlds without ever having to leave VR or switch programs.

It’s a framework for virtual reality that takes the effort out of building your own world from the ground up. To create an experience, you only have to define how it differs from the real world. This powerful interface will lower the barrier of entry for professionals and everyday users to enable a new era of product development, content creation and creative expression, allowing people to solve their own problems and fulfill their own fantasies.


Visualize your design.

Drag and drop files from your computer directly into Omega. Open and use apps in a 3D VR interface. Work with legacy 2d programs and websites with floating windows that you can control. Omega allows for an experience that can fluidly accommodate for every need -- whether that be business, browsing, or otherwise--all in one space, without having to switch between multiple programs.

In one seamless multi-user environment, you can get work done, browse the web, access your files and email, create experiences, play games, and explore worlds. Omega is hardware agnostic, working on any headset or mobile device, including augmented reality hardware.


Interact with your computer.

Step into your computer. Surf the internet in a 3D social world, where websites become webplaces. Omega opens up the potential for a vast network of metaverses, filled with users who create and share their own reality. Host and share ANY content, limited only by your own creativity. Omega can do things we've never imagined, and we're making it easy for YOU to create the next reality.

Omega has such unlimited functionality that you are allowed to operate in any manner in which you choose, with more freedom than reality could ever allow. Omega is a programmable world that shortens the gap between imagining something, and experiencing it. A VR world to experience, create, and share reality.

Our Team

With the resurgence of virtual reality, we saw an opportunity to meet needs that have not yet been realized or addressed in the current industry. We have a history in simulation technology and virtual worlds, as well as professional expertise in computing, engineering, and creative fields that puts us in a unique position to develop a product that can fulfill the needs of many different industries.

Contact us at hellovr@omega-vr.com

Sean Voltaire

Lead Developer

Tara Campese


Jack Crutchfield

Media Manager

Jonni Taylor

Web Developer

David Madwin

Marketing Advisor

Erikka Innes